Newsletter June 2020


Getting back to normal

We are pleased to say, things are slowly getting back to normal here at WYSAH.
Demonstrations can now be arranged in our large, airy double aspect dem room. Windows will remain open during business hours and all precautions will be taken to adhere to government guidelines.
You can, by appointment, walk straight into the showroom from your car and be seated comfortably, and in assurance that the 2m distance can be adhered to easily.  The exclusivity of your appointment guarantees that the only other sound, besides the music, will be the birds singing in the trees outside.
Please contact Colin if you have any questions:
Showroom: 01494 681300 or email:
The Karousel LP12 bearing promotion has been very popular. Due to COVID-19, Linn retailers with high street shops have only just reopened. The promotion, which officially finished a few weeks ago, has been extended. This extension is until June 30th so there is still a short time left to take up the offer.
Note we can now carry out Colin’s Karousel demonstration.
We have been inundated with very positive feedback from customers whose LP12’s we have fitted with Karousel, and some have for the first time put pen to paper:
“First record at random, Van Morrison Down The Road. Started to walk away, just had to turn around. The sound of the harmonica with the breaths between the notes, as for the saxophone. What! Talk about what a sax really is. Next Beethoven 9 followed by 6. “BRILLIANT”. It just gets better, Emelda May, Freya Ridding. STOP got to get some work done. Thank you, Colin. Great job. Worth every penny”
Pat, Herts.
“Courtney Pine, Journey to the Urge Within-Children of the Ghetto. Courtney Pine’s tenor sax is much richer and fuller, Susayne Greene’s vocals hit the high notes with perfect resonation, and the duet between the two is sublime with the sax almost sounding human.
Puss N Boots, No Fools No Fun. – Tarnished Angel, live. Sasha Dobson is the main vocal, being joined by Norah Jones at times. But now Norah’s vocals, instead of being indistinct and being swamped by Sasha’s deeper voice, are clearly distinct and add to the melody.
The Police, Synchronicity, Every Breath You Take. The percussion is much tighter and stronger. The clarity is superb, and Sting’s voice rises out above the heavy sounds of the guitars and drums. Colin, both our sons have LP12’s and have heard my own deck with the Karousel. Put us down for two more please!”
Tony, Surrey.
“The upgrade is amazing. It really grabs attention, and I have never heard Frank Zappa’s “One size Fits All”, sound so easy to understand. The musicianship from that first record is at a new level and the second Sinatra LP was also a surprise. We have never heard him sing so well. I cannot believe the progress Linn have made in extracting information from vinyl in the past few decades.”
Mick. BBC R4. London.
“Collected my deck today. Wow! I can hear more of everything except vinyl roar. Span several of my “test” records and can hear more instruments played with greater precision. A couple of records in the collection always sounded a bit lacklustre as if a good tune was trying to get out. They have now sprung to life.”
Ian, Berks.
“Deck sounding great. Very pleased. Noticeable extra detail, quieter “quiet” bits and hearing a tighter, deeper bass and larger, clearer soundstage. Michael Garrison sounding superb right now”.
John. Surrey.
fluted plinths header
We are in possession of some fluted LP12 plinths. These were a batch specially made for the Lingo 4 and Urika 2 product launch and were an optional extra for those buying the new products. They were made for Linn from their normal supplier and are authentic but had very short availability. We took up the option ourselves and they have been in stock here since. We checked with Linn last week and was told that although gloss colours are now available, the fluted wood were a special order and will never be repeated.
fluted plinths
They are available in solid Oak, Walnut and Cherry.
Please contact Colin if you have any questions:
Showroom: 01494 681300 or email:

LP12 servicing during Corona virus


Linn LP12 Servicing

We are now several months into the Corona virus lockdown and with yesterday’s statement of relaxation of travel rules, it’s important to know what we can do for you at this time. We are not yet ready to carry out demonstrations of equipment but are still busy with LP12 servicing.
As you know I have been “self-isolating” since we moved here four years ago, and our business model is very well suited to the current situation. We are not a shop and see customers individually by appointment. and because we have our own large private gated car park we are servicing and upgrading LP12’s on a convenient, safe no contact basis.
Photo of carpark
It is important that a Sondek is serviced every 4-5 years. The result of skipping regular servicing gradually results in less musical involvement and excitement as well as increased surface noise, less dynamic range and musical drive. Skipping servicing long term can also result in your record collection being permanently damaged by a worn cartridge.
Our facility here in Beaconsfield is proving to be very well adapted to the need have an LP12 serviced safely with no risk.
By appointment you can deliver your LP12 to us, there will be a table at the gate end of our private car park for this purpose. We can have a conversation at distance outside before you leave. The deck is then brought indoors and quarantined for several days before it goes on a bench for assessment in our dedicated workshop. After examination we can then discuss any requirements by phone and the deck will then be serviced.
We have never ever serviced LP12’s while someone waits or watches and never set up LP12’s in the home. Over the years every LP12 done that way elsewhere we have subsequently seen has been third rate with serious set up errors no matter who has done the work.
It is very convenient for the owner and there is a substantial financial incentive to a Linn dealer, but we won’t do it as we want our customer to receive an LP12 which is absolutely first rate. If time has run out or I don’t have a couple of parts so it will have to do isn’t acceptable. The time pressure and distractions that can occur during those methods are all too easy to see and hear, and some LP12’s arrive here later after the penny has eventually dropped with the owner. Our workshop is facilitated to do this task without compromise and your LP12 can spend two days on the bench or more if needed to trim the arm lead and optimise the suspension as it settles. Once serviced, and if required upgraded, the deck is then tested and auditioned in the main demonstration room before being quarantined again before you collect.
The relaxation of government travel rules now allows a visit whereas before this could only be done if doing food shopping and petrol.
Please also note that we are now supplying some products like Naim Audio direct delivery from the factory to your home and the new Karousel bearing is in stock for those considering during service.
Please contact Colin if you wish to discuss your LP12 or anything else:
01494 681300 or email 
11:00 am – 5:00 pm Tues-Sat.

Audio Desk Vinyl Pro Cleaning Machine


Audio Desk Vinyl Pro

ADS-5894 - reduced
We began to sell this more than a year ago as the result of its cleaning is extraordinary.
Nearly all cleaning machines use the “wet brush and vacuum” system and this has been the case for decades. Unfortunately, the filament in a brush doesn’t get deep into the record groove due to its diameter, and probably relies more on the brush pressure on the film of liquid.  I was considering a £4000.00 German machine using traditional “wet brush and vacuum” but after three members of another Linn dealership bought the Audio Desk for their own use, I bought one to try. I’m afraid that having heard records cleaned this way, in my opinion the old-fashioned method has had its day.
The results of any record cleaned on the Audio Desk is stunning and although the machine isn’t cheap, it’s like having a new record collection. An LP either old or new and even previously cleaned on any traditional machine sounds more involving and more natural, clear and tuneful with deeper bass after being cleaned on the Vinyl Pro. We have amazed so many people with the Audio Desk I felt it time to feature here.
One client originally had a American VPI machine and replaced it in 2013 with a £4000.00 Keith Monks, which has been regarded by many as the best machine in the marketplace. He came in to look at LP12 and system upgrades including a Kandid cartridge. When he heard two of his LP’s before and after cleaning on the Audio Desk the Monks was immediately retired and he has since rediscovered his collection again cleaning on the Vinyl Pro.
The Audio Desk is very sophisticated, using ultrasonic cavity agitation which creates bubbles deep in the LP groove. The tiny exploding bubbles scrub deep into the grooves at a microscopic level. Agitation is further enhanced by geared motorised soft fibre cylinders, two each side of the LP. These rotate in opposite directions underwater creating a swirling action which pulls the now loose dirt particles away from the LP removing surface dirt and fingerprints. The liquid is continually circulated through a filter during operation. Once the record finishes the cleaning cycle, a ceramic bearing pump empties the fluid from the top of the machine to a lower chamber. The control system then actuates two powerful fans which blast water from the wet LP leaving it ultra clean, completely dry and static free.
ADS-5903 - reduced
All you do is place the LP in the machine and everything takes place automatically at the touch of a button.  The electronic control system even uses the internal motors and gearing to change the speed of the records rotation during the drying cycle to even greater effect. Both sides of the LP are cleaned simultaneously during this process and the centre label is never near the fluid so stays dry.
A conventional machine generally involves a great deal of physical attention and time from the operator. In the case of the Keith Monks place the LP onto the platter, start the motor. distribute cleaning solution, brush the cleaning solution into the LP , place the suction arm onto the LP, start the vacuum pump, wait for the suction nozzle to traverse the LP,  use a cloth to dry any excess fluid at the edge the suction nozzle misses, then turn the LP over and repeat the process again on the other side.
The Audio Desk cleaning solution is cheap and will clean 100+ records before draining and replacement. The liquid is continually passed through a filter on each clean catching dirt, and even if it eventually becomes less clean toward the end of its use, it makes no difference whatsoever to the end result in our tests due to the blast process of the drying cycle.
The Audio Desk is very compact and because the record is cleaned vertically it has a small footprint making it easy to accommodate. In the photo you can see the Audio Desk next to our clients retired Keith Monks.
It’s funny that everyone who owns an LP12 appreciate upgrades that allow a music lover to get nearer to hearing what’s actually on a vinyl record even though they have met others over decades who don’t understand the astounding qualities of music replay that vinyl replay can bring. This is only understood by listening. However, many LP12 owners dismiss the benefit and efficacy of better record cleaning machines as “they all do the same job”. This is the same as saying a low-cost turntable must be as good as an LP12 as it “measures” the same and just goes round and round so must be as good. Wrong on both counts. Understanding what the Audio Desk Vinyl Pro does over and above any other machine is only appreciated when experienced.
“A revelation” Nick in Suffolk. (Linn Klimax system).
“The best upgrade I have ever made to my LP12″ Julian in Middlesex. (Linn Akurate system).
“We have never heard this record before!”. ABC The lexicon of Love , a favourite album played to a suspicious partner initially unconvinced about buying a Vinyl Pro. Graham, Surrey. (Mark Levinson, Revel system).
“I wanted a machine that took the process from start to finish, with consistent results so I looked at cavitation/ultrasonic machines. I took an LP bought in a charity shop that sounded like Friday night at the fish and chip shop, it was so noisy. After a run through the Audio Desk it had almost no surface noise at all. It has been a pleasure to enjoy my system as never before since I purchased the machine.” Mick C, Surrey. (Linn Klimax system).
“Seriously impressed with the results and so easy to use. No problem finding a space as it’s so compact and love the fact that all happens automatically once the start button is pressed”. Dave in Herts. (Naim 500 system).
Being at home over the next couple of months is an opportunity to rediscover your own record collection. The Audio Desk Vinyl Pro is available mail order from us with a subsequent personal phone instruction of use and tips by Colin. He will also direct you in advance to his choice of distilled water and LP inner sleeves.
The Audio Desk Vinyl Pro cleans 12″ LP’s but there is an accessory available to order allowing 7″ singles to be cleaned.
The machine is £2545.00 including VAT and carriage.
Colin is currently at the showroom Tues-Sat. For more information or any questions please contact Colin at the showroom on 01494 681300 or email

Colin’s Karousel Review


Colin's Karousel Review

Due to the current situation and there being no informed opinion out there yet, I decided to give the Karousel my own review here in Beaconsfield.
Karousel review
I used two LP12’s of the same Akurate specification with Lingo 4, Akito 3B and Krystal cartridge. Those who know me also know how fastidious I am with making sure that a comparison is absolutely fair. Both decks have to be “spot on” and set up to my standard rather than  “half hearted”.” Failure to ensure an accurate set up can result in an unfair comparison. One deck has been changed from an unworn Cirkus bearing to Karousel and both sit on identical supports sharing the same system. In this case I chose the system last used here in the demonstration room.
This was the Q Acoustics Concept 500 loudspeaker which then were ordered and delivered direct to the client 10 days ago. As the buyer used older Naim amplification we used an amplifier I purchased with a system from our village postman 12 years ago as I collect things. This is a Naim NAC 42.5 pre-amp with Hi-Cap power supply and a 160 power power amplifier all from about 1986 which was the 160’s last year of production and all recently fully serviced including the phono-boards at Naim in Salisbury. This was chosen as “why not” as it approximates in quality many systems out there fronted by an LP12 that are not necessarily top spec or new.
All LP’s standard and most second-hand. I don’t use “special” pressings and prefer old records that are nearer to the original master tape. All LP’s previously cleaned on our Audiodesk Vinyl Pro machine. The LP’s used were not pre-planned and just came to hand on the day.
 “Counceltation” by Curtis Counce. Contemporary records 1957. Jazz.
First track on the album called “Complete” It actually made me giggle as it wasn’t a subtle difference. Starts with a struck cymbal followed by a languid Counce bass intro and then muted trumpet. This is when the “bell” is stopped with a “mute” resulting in a pinched and squeezed sound. On this album Jack Sheldon on trumpet but a mute was commonly used by Miles Davis. For me it was a seriously wow! moment. The struck cymbal having more harmonic structure and a longer decay with more “sheen”and the whole track was more “cheeky”, fun and better put together, The trumpet and everything else much more real and “there”, shining from a recording made 62 years ago.
St Germain “Boulevarde” 2002.  House/Jazz. Give by a customer trimming his collection.
Track 2 side 1 “Thank U Mom”. Starts with a sort of “click clack” tapped percussion leading to a big, round succulent low synth bass and later some echoplex electric guitar. The intro on the Karousel has much more precision, tune and meaning, and when the bass comes in the power made me look right as it made the door vibrate. More energy, clearer, precise and more fun.
Steely Dan. “Black Cow” from “AJa” 1977.
Karousel deck. Clean and meaningful with a lovely sort of “stop and start” quality with little echoes in the mix from the keyboard. Vocals wonderful as one would expect as they were obsessed with making good recordings. Going to the Cirkus bearing it sounded a bit soft ,muddy and “sat on”. Back to the Karousel again. lovely. Once heard I didn’t want to go back to Cirkus.
Paganini Violin Concerto No1 . Side 2. 3rd movement Ithzak Perlman. EMI 1972.
Wonderful record and Perman was only 25 when recorded. On the Karousel richer, more harmonic information from the violin , better played, more delicate and cheeky. (You can tell he had fun playing it) More together with a better and richer Orchestral sound. More “Majesty”.
“Be cool” from “Wild Things Run Fast”. Joni Mitchell 1981.
Again the Karousel made the Cirkus sound “shut in” and less real. The busy “pitter patter” skiffle on the Karousel is much more “on the button” and tuneful and you are more aware of the drummers other input. More weight to the sound and more powerful. Wayne Shorter’s little Sax blips more interesting and real. More music. A  track that only Joni Mitchell could put together and very cool.
 “Expresso Love”. Dire Straits “Making Movies” 1980.
On the Cirkus it’s hard to hear Mark Knopfler’s singing as it’s placed back in the mix. The intro strumming on top of the “Stones” riff is far better on the Karousel, and as well at the track being more powerful when the band comes in you can also hear his words much more clearly. I stopped listening to Dire Straits many years ago and this album is part of a collection gifted to the showroom and it’s been refreshing to hear them again.
Everything I have compared is significantly better and like looking through a higher resolution lens.
I recall when the Cirkus bearing came out in 1993 people saying it would mean they would never have to upgrade their Valhalla power supply to Lingo or Ittok arm to Ekos as the deck would be so good. Not true then or now as these things are cumulative. If you want to hear more LP and less turntable other Linn upgrades like Lingo 4, Radikal, Keel, Kore and Ekos SE are no less valid than they were before. However this new bearing has seriously impressed me and is to my ears a huge sonic and musicaI upgrade in its own right.
Congratulations to Cameron and the team at Linn who developed the Karousel.  I think it’s possibly the single biggest musical upgrade have heard in the 40+ years since I bought my first Sondek in the 1970’s.
 It’s worth noting that despite current circumstances, the Karousel promotion is still on, running until the 22nd May. You’ll receive the Karousel bearing free of charge if you spend £3000 (inc VAT) or more on Linn*. (terms and conditions apply).
For those who have already placed orders for equipment we will fulfil when the time is right, and thank you for your patience and support.
I am not seeing clients but as we are a consultancy and not a shop I am busy here Tues-Sat between 11.00-5.00 taking deliveries for stores and catching up. There is still much to be getting on with.
Photo of carpark
Any questions please phone 01494 681300 or email
 Colin Macey.
WYSAH Beaconsfield.

Linn Karousel

Karousel_Facebook Cover
We’re extremely excited to announce Linn’s new precision-engineered single-point bearing for the Sondek LP12, the Karousel. Offering smoother rotation and greater stability for even more immaculate sound.
Linn Karousel Bearing_Quarter view_72

A little history

Back in 1973, this unique single-point bearing, combined with the acoustic isolation of the turntable, were the foundations on which Linn was established; with the bearing design even providing inspiration for the Linn logo.
Testament to its ground-breaking design, the basic principles of the bearing have remained the same and Karousel is only the third evolution of this design in almost 50 years.


This innovative new take on their original bearing design has been made possible by technological developments in material science, machining capabilities and mechanical engineering expertise gained from almost half a century of designing and manufacturing the world’s best turntable. That vital union between the platter, spindle, bearing and sub-chassis is now the strongest they’ve ever achieved.
A new diamond-like carbon coating inside the bearing reduces friction between the tip of the spindle and the base of the bearing itself. This reduces the ‘noise floor’ of the turntable, so improves musical reproduction.
The substantial locknut fastening on the stainless-steel housing increases rigidity at the critical point where bearing and sub-chassis come together. Enhancements to the base of the bearing include a stronger housing for the thrust pad, combined with a smaller, stiffer coated form, to improve the critical area that supports the platter rotation and mass, meaning your vinyl reproduction is more accurate and detailed than ever before.
Call Colin Macey, our showroom Manager, on 01494681300 or email to find out more about the Karousel, the LP12 and everything Linn.
We have a lot of exciting news coming this month, so stay tuned!
Kind regards,

Concept 300

concept 300
The new Q Acoustics Concept 300 Loudspeaker.
We’ve represented the exceptional floor-standing Concept 500 for a couple of years, a speaker that redefined musical performance at the price. Q Acoustics have now done it again with entirely new technology, in the smaller Concept 300.
This new loudspeaker has alarming clarity and transparency. The brilliant Tensegrity stand and the new isolation base system is part of the reason. The triple layer, heavy and inert “Gelcore” cabinet is allied to the Concept 300’s innovative “floating” internal suspension.
Both this and the Tensegrity tripod stand allows the Concept 300 to “speak clearly“, unfettered by the sonic compromise conventional stands introduce; the result of which is truly special.
You can experience the new Concept 300 loudspeakers at our relaxed studios in the picturesque old town of Beaconsfield, tucked back off the main high street in our own private courtyard, complete with parking.
Contact our showroom on 01494 681300 or email
Kind regards,

Selekt DSM

keep you ears peeled
Introducing the Selekt DSM, the new high-performance network music player from Linn. Providing maximum performance in minimum space, the Selekt DSM’s bespoke design utilises Class-D amplification technology to significantly improve performance.
Feel the music you want to play with the Selekt DSM’s jewel-like dial and smart buttons, which are ready to be personalised just for you. Every element has been precision engineered for the most authentic musical performance possible.
Every room has its own particular sound. When you’re investing in a world-class music system, why let your room have such a big say in what you hear? Remove the unwanted distorting effects of your listening environment and reveal the true sound of the music.
For more information on Space Optimisation please click HERE 
keep you ears peeled
Both flexible and future-proof, the Selekt DSM allows you to stream everything and connect anything. Controlled by products you already own such as an iPad, tablet or smartphone. Whether you’re streaming high-res music, watching your favourite film or playing your favourite record, all sources gain the benefit of Linn’s expert engineering.  
To find out more, please contact Colin at the showroom on 01494 681300 or email
Kind regards,
The WYSAH Team

Celebrating 45 years of Linn Hi-fi

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Celebrating 45 years of making everything sound better

GPA - Email Header - Black (620x220)
To celebrate 45 years of making everything sound better, and as a thank you for your ongoing loyalty and commitment, Linn are offering customers 10% off a new Linn product* when they trade in a legacy Linn product between Monday 2nd July and Monday 27th August 2018.
black vertical edited
With products from sources to speakers to systems included in the promotion, this is the perfect time to take the next step on the journey towards ultimate musical performance, thanks to Linn’s latest technologies including Exakt and Katalyst.
For a full list of products that are included, please click HERE to see the terms and conditions.
To find out more, please contact Colin at the showroom on 01494 681300 or email
Kind regards,
The WYSAH Team

Akurate Katalyst


Akurate: Now featuring Katalyst DAC Architecture

Introducing the new Akurate DS, Akurate DSM and Akurate Exaktbox, now featuring Katalyst DAC architecture. 
Linn’s Katalyst DAC Architecture performs digital-to-analogue conversion with greater precision than ever before.  Katalyst takes an unprecedented level of control over the critical elements that lie at the heart of the analogue signal’s creation; offering improved Data Optimisation, superior Master Clock, independent Power Supplies, a new ultra-low distortion Output Driver and crucially, for the first time, a high-stability input Reference Level.
The latter is vitally important because, at the point of creation, the analogue audio signal is particularly vulnerable even to miniscule variations in the Reference Level, which cause irreversible damage.
Katalyst’s high-stability input Reference Level eliminates variations during analogue signal creation, giving you a deeper insight into your music.
To find out more about how the Akurate music system featuring Katalyst DAC architecture will improve your listening experience, please contact Colin at the showroom on 01494 681300.
Kind regards,
The WYSAH team

Urika II & Lingo IV


Linn Sondek LP12

-Long Live Vinyl-

Linn is celebrating the 45th anniversary of the Sondek LP12 with two new upgrades. The Urkia II and a new Lingo power supply.
urika 2
Introducing the Urika II, a breakthrough in phono stage design. Linn now uses cutting-edge digital signal processing technology to implement the RIAA curve in the digital domain in a way that’s uniquely improved.
This means lower distortion. Lower noise. And, most importantly, more music.
Transported via the Exakt Link, the Urika II transposes perfectly preserved musical information until the moment it reaches your ears, delivering the quintessential musical experience. As is the case for Exaxt-enabled loudspeakers, each and every component used for the Urika II can be optimised, correcting the variation in inherent in the analogue stage to ensure outstanding performance every time. This means the Urika II is fully bespoke, bringing you a personal musical experience like never before.
Urika 1200x900
new lingo
The Lingo power supply has seen a major upgrade, using technology developed for the extraordinary Radikal power supply. The new Lingo has a motor speed management system on-board that uses digital processing technology to make the platter spin more accurately and consistently than ever before. This is crucial for music, as even the slightest seed variation affects the pitch.
The new model is neater, more compact and cleverer than ever before.
lingo box shot
featured image

Wednesday 14th February 2018, 7:00pm

Join us to celebrate the launch of the new LP12 upgrades and fall in love with your most treasured vinyl all over again. Now celebrating its 45th anniversary year, the LP12 is still the pinnacle of turntable design. A revolutionary icon that’s still evolving.
This event features an exclusive preview of Urika II, the latest breakthrough in phono stage design. You’ll also experience the new Lingo, our upgraded power supply packed with innovative technologies. Come along and be captivated by the incredible performance improvements they bring to every LP12.
We hope you will join us!

Reserve your complimentary tickets HERE