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New Majik DSM

The New Majik DSM offers a high-end combination of network music player, pre-amp and power amp; all in a single box. This next generation of Majik DSM outperforms its predecessor and we are excited to share both the technical aspects and our own personal views.
New_Majik DSM_2020_Front Right
The new Majik DSM features improvements to the DAC implementation, volume control and power amplification, which is all supported by a new, higher power processing platform. Benefiting from over a decade of research and development, the new DAC implementation makes a radical difference to the performance of the product.
New_Majik DSM_2020_Internal Top Down
The new DAC architecture is derived from Linn’s Katalyst technology, and includes improved upsampling, a lower noise reference voltage and an ultra-low jitter clock for greater timing accuracy throughout.
Linn’s class D power amplifiers offer improved performance because of their lower noise and distortion, allowing for more efficient signal conversion.
Space Optimisation uses sophisticated acoustic modelling to build up a complete picture of how your speakers, their placement, and the unique characteristics of your room interact to affect the sound you hear. It then precisely identifies frequencies that are artificially distorted by your environment, and reduces their energy, to reveal the music that would otherwise be hidden.
There are six buttons on the front facia which are all fully customisable, allowing you instant access to your favourite radio station, album or playlist, streaming service, podcast; the choice is yours. The larger button on the far right is a main menu button.
New_Majik DSM_2020_Detail_Buttons
You can take full control with the included remote control, or as with all other products in the DSM range, take control through the Linn app for OS or kazoo for android.
New_Majik DSM_2020_Remote
New_Majik DSM_2020_Rear
– Four HDMI 2.0 4K-compatible inputs; HDMI arc on the output.
– Type-B USB port means the Majik DSM can be used as a standalone DAC; allowing the user to play high-res audio directly from a PC.
– Flexible analogue input can be configured to either moving magnet (turntables) or line level (for other analogue sources).
New_Majik DSM_2020_Front Perspective
– ¼ inch headphone jack port on the front which boasts a new headphone amplifier
– Both wi-fi and bluetooth functionality
It is very surprising just how much it musically improves on the last model.
By appointment, demonstrations can be arranged which would take place in our large, airy double aspect demonstration room. Windows remain open during business hours and all precautions would be taken to adhere to government guidelines.
For more information about the new Majik DSM or to book a demonstration, please speak to Colin at the showroom:
01494 68300 or email


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