By wysahAdmin October 16, 2018
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What You See And Hear would like to invite you to our Linn Selekt DSM launch event to experience the revolution in digital music interaction, presented by Linn.
It’s easy to feel we’ve lost touch with the immersive experience of playing music. Take a vinyl record for example – the LP selection, the lift-lower, the anticipation during those first pops and clicks… Playing digital music requires only a swipe and a tap… until now!
Linn Selekt DSM brings the feeling back, revolutionising your interaction with digital music. It’s a tactile and beautiful musical experience, better in every sense. It will make your system sound better and it will help you fall in love with your music all over again.
Click HERE to book free tickets now to discover Selekt DSM.
Linn will be in attendance.
Tickets are limited!
The Venue
3 Burkes Lodge
20 London End


Doors open at 18:00

Launch event commences at 19:00

We hope to see you there!
Kind regards, 

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