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3 Burkes Lodge, 20 London End, Beaconsfield, Bucks, HP9 2JH
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Our combined skills allow us to offer a truly specialist service. Together we have over 80 years of experience; this along with a carefully selected, narrow range of products best suited to serve our customers, allows us to deliver the exceptional every day.

About us

Since our formation in February 2009, we have remained tightly focused on developing our skills in order to create the very best music and cinema systems along with the integration and control of all comfort and security systems within some of the most exquisite homes in the world.

Our small team is incredibly committed to creating the most amazing experiences within your home.  We have each developed very specific skills that compliment each other in order to deliver projects and the support required for some of the most demanding individuals in the world.

Having all come from larger organisations, creating a small, lean, company has allowed us all to really enjoy all of the areas that we first got into the industry for.  We all now work ‘on the tools’ and this ensures that our very high standards are met every time.  It also gives us a very direct and personal relationship with our clients that allows us to truly tailor systems to their needs.

We can successfully deliver projects with values in excess of half a million pounds.  Our small team allows for very rapid communication and changes can be made very quickly.

Our reputation for excellence has ensured that we see a lot of return business both from homeowners and developers that we have worked with in the past.

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David Evans, Partner, Rossco Property Ltd.

“WYSAH have consistently delivered exceptional quality and service on many projects.  Every element has been completed on schedule and the service during and after the projects has been second to none”


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