This is why we do what we do

Phil Brown

My property has been developed over a number of years and ended up being a series of projects as opposed to just one. With great design and planning, WYSAH managed to integrate each element as the house developed without compromise.
 They continue to be my ‘tech gurus’!”

Rory Maw

“WYSAH were there from the beginning to make sure my new home refurbishment went smoothly. They offered updates throughout the project which kept me informed and upon completion, ensured we understood how to use the various systems and they have continued to support us since completion.”

Graham Chafer

New Klimax Music System featuring Katalyst DAC architecture

Linn has done the nigh impossible and provided a peerless upgrade to the 350 Exakt speakers.
Ladies and gentlemen I, or rather that should be the Tiefenbrun Clan on behalf of Linn, present the KATALYST.  An astronomical leap forward in technology that is a must to have.
The audio-wizards in Glasgow have developed an improvement so radically good that it is inconceivable anyone with an Exakt system would not want to invest in the relatively bargain priced new DAC Architecture boards – built specifically for the speaker you own as determined from their database (would you expect anything less from them?)
Whilst studio masters sound significantly better the big surprise for me is that no matter what quality of recorded media the DS is tasked to output it sounds so much more defined and assured.  I am waiting to use my LP12 that is currently in its box whilst I have home improvements finished.  This is a totally new playing field.
It might exist, but music reproduction simply has never sounded as good to my ears.  Where Linn go next I have no idea, but they have set a benchmark for themselves that they will do well to match, much less surpass!
A big thank you for the on-site installation that WYSAH carried out in around 3 hours.  Their fully trained and knowledgeable (not to forget tolerant) technical engineer Alex did the job in a very careful and professional manner.
To those contemplating purchasing buy yourself a few less chocolate eggs and place your order by Easter.  Truly, you won’t regret it.  Don’t take my word pop along to Beaconsfield and make your own decision.”