What You See. What You Hear. What You Feel!

The finest audio-visual and control experiences possible within your home.

Conversely, we believe our skills derive from the things you don’t see or hear.  It’s about the work we do behind the scenes that enable us to deliver exceptional turnkey home automation solutions time after time.
Fundamentally, we enjoy what we do but none more so than seeing and hearing how our innovative solutions enhance our customers lifestyles.

Our specialist services

Bringing the movies to life in your own home, we can create truly immersive experiences that will excite everyone.

From multiple use media rooms to dedicated high performance cinema rooms, we can create a movie night experience that will exceed anything you have ever experienced before.

With the increased prevalence of immersive audio systems within home cinema rooms, the need for highly skilled design has become ever more important.  Speaker positioning and acoustic treatments are now critical to ensuring a truly seamless audio experience.

With  a combined 60 years of experience in selling and looking after hi-fi systems, we are the true specialists.

We specialise in both Linn and Naim systems, along with a select few complimentary manufacturers, offering a depth of knowledge creating musical reproduction systems that will excite and connect with you for many years in the future.

Lighting control can both bring a home to life and offer exceptional environmental benefits.  We have been working with the market leading suppliers including Lutron and Crestron since the 1990s and have some of the most in-depth experience in lighting control in the country.

Beyond controlling lighting circuits, we also have vast experience in window treatments with all manner of blinds and curtains to offer incredible power over the control of your environment.

Control solutions are like jokes; if they need explaining, then they are not very good ones!

We have developed some extraordinary solutions over the years to offer complete control within your home using intuitive and simple touchscreens and remote controls.

As more devices come online as part of the Internet of Things, we are in a strong position to bring these together.  We are entering a very exciting era where your environment will react much more to those within it and tailor itself to your preferences the moment you walk into a room.

We provide control systems from Crestron and Control 4 to offer world class control and integration, via our innovative in-house programming, of every element within your home including lighting, audio-visual, climate control, security and communication systems.

Having the ability to listen to your music in any room is nothing new, however we now have the ability to offer the very latest music streaming services and high definition, studio-master quality, music in any room in the house.

We specialise in creating solutions that are extremely discrete (to the point of invisibility!) whilst offering performance that will have you listening and enjoying more music than ever before.

Everything we do already relies on resilient and fast data networks being available and the challenges that the future brings will be significant; not only as we have ever-higher bandwidth requirements for streaming and more devices as the IoT (Internet of Things) becomes ever more complex, but we also have to deal with the challenges of keeping your data and your home secure.

We are expert in creating fast and reliable networks to deliver content around large properties.  We can create wireless networks that will manage and monitor the service each wireless device is receiving and ensure that the service is the best it can possibly be.  If you are tired of not being able to use your tablet or laptop in certain parts of your home, talk to us!

Colin Macey, our showroom manager is an expert on the Linn LP12, with over 30  years experience. For more information on the services we provide for Linn Record Players, please click here