Organik upgrade for Akubarik

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The sublime performance of Organik DAC – first debuted in 2021 – is now available as a retrofit upgrade to Akubarik integrated loudspeakers. Designed without compromise, and engineered entirely in-house, Organik is the embodiment of over thirty years of digital technology innovation and expertise. The performance advantage of Organik comes from its unique combination of: [...]

Linn Utopik

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Introducing Utopik, Linn’s all new generation of exceptionally efficient and highly responsive switch-mode power supplies for their products. Utopik provides the best of both worlds, outputting maximum power whilst retaining speed and optimal efficiency. It boasts absolutely stable output voltage; providing Linn products with optimal power regardless of the current demand.  Featuring Intelligent Valley Switching, [...]

Naim NAIT 50

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Introducing, NAIT 50: Naim’s limited-edition integrated amplifier, comprised of 1973 pieces. Naim’s 50th anniversary amplifier pays homage to their iconic integrated amplifier: NAIT 1. NAIT 50 has been entirely redesigned and some of the new features found in their New Classic series includes a discrete transistor headphone amplifier, giving you the choice to enjoy all [...]

Linn Selekt DSM

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Selekt DSM Selekt DSM is the most configurable digital music player ever. It is versatile, upgradeable and, crucially, sounds exceptional. The Selekt DSM range was conceived with the intent for it to accommodate Linn’s latest technological advancements – and those of the future – by virtue of its ingenious, modular design. Your Selekt DSM can [...]

Naim prices due to significantly increase.

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The price of all Naim products will significantly increase from 6th December. This is due to the ongoing impact of the Covid pandemic which has created worldwide shortages of of components leading to major logistical issues. Naim cannot absorb these and other costs any longer and it has been necessary to increase prices to allow [...]

Linn Klimax LP12

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Introducing the latest iteration of Linn’s reference turntable, Klimax LP12. Klimax LP12 produces even more musical pitch-perfect performance thanks to Linn's new Radikal. This is achieved as a result of its its hyper-accurate speed management technology, whisper-quiet power supply rails and cutting-edge motor design; the culmination of which led to their breakthrough cartridge, Ekstatik. Radikal [...]

Hi-Fi+ reviews Klimax DSM

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In a recent Hi-Fi+ issue the Klimax DSM received a glowing review by Alan Sircom, in which he says it is the best streaming audio component he’s ever reviewed. In this post I will share a few excerpts from that issue.  “I don’t want to focus on the styling, as there is a whole lot [...]

Klimax DSM 2021

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The new Klimax DSM combines decades of audio engineering and innovation. Exquisitely machined from solid aluminium, which provides vital isolation from external interference, and sitting at the heart is Linn’s all Oganik DAC architecture. Organik has been designed without compromise and is entirely manufactured in-house, enabling precise control and optimisation at every stage of the [...]

Linn wins three awards in The Absolute Sound magazine

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Linn has received three awards by The Absolute Sound 2021 editors' choice awards. These three products include: Selekt DSM Providing maximum performance in minimum space. Feel the music you want to play with the Selekt DSM’s jewel-like dial and smart buttons, which are ready to be personalised just for you. Every element has been precision [...]

New Majik DSM

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New Majik DSM The New Majik DSM offers a high-end combination of network music player, pre-amp and power amp; all in a single box. This next generation of Majik DSM outperforms its predecessor and we are excited to share both the technical aspects and our own personal views. The new Majik DSM features improvements to [...]