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Audio Desk Vinyl Pro

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We began to sell this more than a year ago as the result of its cleaning is extraordinary.
Nearly all cleaning machines use the “wet brush and vacuum” system and this has been the case for decades. Unfortunately, the filament in a brush doesn’t get deep into the record groove due to its diameter, and probably relies more on the brush pressure on the film of liquid.  I was considering a £4000.00 German machine using traditional “wet brush and vacuum” but after three members of another Linn dealership bought the Audio Desk for their own use, I bought one to try. I’m afraid that having heard records cleaned this way, in my opinion the old-fashioned method has had its day.
The results of any record cleaned on the Audio Desk is stunning and although the machine isn’t cheap, it’s like having a new record collection. An LP either old or new and even previously cleaned on any traditional machine sounds more involving and more natural, clear and tuneful with deeper bass after being cleaned on the Vinyl Pro. We have amazed so many people with the Audio Desk I felt it time to feature here.
One client originally had a American VPI machine and replaced it in 2013 with a £4000.00 Keith Monks, which has been regarded by many as the best machine in the marketplace. He came in to look at LP12 and system upgrades including a Kandid cartridge. When he heard two of his LP’s before and after cleaning on the Audio Desk the Monks was immediately retired and he has since rediscovered his collection again cleaning on the Vinyl Pro.
The Audio Desk is very sophisticated, using ultrasonic cavity agitation which creates bubbles deep in the LP groove. The tiny exploding bubbles scrub deep into the grooves at a microscopic level. Agitation is further enhanced by geared motorised soft fibre cylinders, two each side of the LP. These rotate in opposite directions underwater creating a swirling action which pulls the now loose dirt particles away from the LP removing surface dirt and fingerprints. The liquid is continually circulated through a filter during operation. Once the record finishes the cleaning cycle, a ceramic bearing pump empties the fluid from the top of the machine to a lower chamber. The control system then actuates two powerful fans which blast water from the wet LP leaving it ultra clean, completely dry and static free.
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All you do is place the LP in the machine and everything takes place automatically at the touch of a button.  The electronic control system even uses the internal motors and gearing to change the speed of the records rotation during the drying cycle to even greater effect. Both sides of the LP are cleaned simultaneously during this process and the centre label is never near the fluid so stays dry.
A conventional machine generally involves a great deal of physical attention and time from the operator. In the case of the Keith Monks place the LP onto the platter, start the motor. distribute cleaning solution, brush the cleaning solution into the LP , place the suction arm onto the LP, start the vacuum pump, wait for the suction nozzle to traverse the LP,  use a cloth to dry any excess fluid at the edge the suction nozzle misses, then turn the LP over and repeat the process again on the other side.
The Audio Desk cleaning solution is cheap and will clean 100+ records before draining and replacement. The liquid is continually passed through a filter on each clean catching dirt, and even if it eventually becomes less clean toward the end of its use, it makes no difference whatsoever to the end result in our tests due to the blast process of the drying cycle.
The Audio Desk is very compact and because the record is cleaned vertically it has a small footprint making it easy to accommodate. In the photo you can see the Audio Desk next to our clients retired Keith Monks.
It’s funny that everyone who owns an LP12 appreciate upgrades that allow a music lover to get nearer to hearing what’s actually on a vinyl record even though they have met others over decades who don’t understand the astounding qualities of music replay that vinyl replay can bring. This is only understood by listening. However, many LP12 owners dismiss the benefit and efficacy of better record cleaning machines as “they all do the same job”. This is the same as saying a low-cost turntable must be as good as an LP12 as it “measures” the same and just goes round and round so must be as good. Wrong on both counts. Understanding what the Audio Desk Vinyl Pro does over and above any other machine is only appreciated when experienced.
“A revelation” Nick in Suffolk. (Linn Klimax system).
“The best upgrade I have ever made to my LP12″ Julian in Middlesex. (Linn Akurate system).
“We have never heard this record before!”. ABC The lexicon of Love , a favourite album played to a suspicious partner initially unconvinced about buying a Vinyl Pro. Graham, Surrey. (Mark Levinson, Revel system).
“I wanted a machine that took the process from start to finish, with consistent results so I looked at cavitation/ultrasonic machines. I took an LP bought in a charity shop that sounded like Friday night at the fish and chip shop, it was so noisy. After a run through the Audio Desk it had almost no surface noise at all. It has been a pleasure to enjoy my system as never before since I purchased the machine.” Mick C, Surrey. (Linn Klimax system).
“Seriously impressed with the results and so easy to use. No problem finding a space as it’s so compact and love the fact that all happens automatically once the start button is pressed”. Dave in Herts. (Naim 500 system).
Being at home over the next couple of months is an opportunity to rediscover your own record collection. The Audio Desk Vinyl Pro is available mail order from us with a subsequent personal phone instruction of use and tips by Colin. He will also direct you in advance to his choice of distilled water and LP inner sleeves.
The Audio Desk Vinyl Pro cleans 12″ LP’s but there is an accessory available to order allowing 7″ singles to be cleaned.
The machine is £2545.00 including VAT and carriage.
Colin is currently at the showroom Tues-Sat. For more information or any questions please contact Colin at the showroom on 01494 681300 or email

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