By wysahAdmin May 07, 2019
concept 300
The new Q Acoustics Concept 300 Loudspeaker.
We’ve represented the exceptional floor-standing Concept 500 for a couple of years, a speaker that redefined musical performance at the price. Q Acoustics have now done it again with entirely new technology, in the smaller Concept 300.
This new loudspeaker has alarming clarity and transparency. The brilliant Tensegrity stand and the new isolation base system is part of the reason. The triple layer, heavy and inert “Gelcore” cabinet is allied to the Concept 300’s innovative “floating” internal suspension.
Both this and the Tensegrity tripod stand allows the Concept 300 to “speak clearly“, unfettered by the sonic compromise conventional stands introduce; the result of which is truly special.
You can experience the new Concept 300 loudspeakers at our relaxed studios in the picturesque old town of Beaconsfield, tucked back off the main high street in our own private courtyard, complete with parking.
Contact our showroom on 01494 681300 or email
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