By wysahAdmin June 09, 2021
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In a recent Hi-Fi+ issue the Klimax DSM received a glowing review by Alan Sircom, in which he says it is the best streaming audio component he’s ever reviewed. In this post I will share a few excerpts from that issue. 
“I don’t want to focus on the styling, as there is a whole lot of tech going on under the hood that makes the Klimax DSM just so advanced when put against its peers, but you just can’t help be drawn to those looks.”
Klimax_DSM_2021_Internal_TopDown Organik DAC & ADC Boards_web-res
“A reviewer’s job is to trip products up, but the best products trip us up instead. When this happens, we play music that we think will show limitations in a device, and they end up highlighting their strengths instead. So it was with the Klimax DSM; I played the Overture to The Pirates of Penzance [D’Oyly Carte, Decca] which is a great test for imaging, but ended up being so musically bouncy and fun (as it should be) I felt like I should have mutton-chops and be wearing a smoking jacket.”
“The Linn Klimax DSM is one of those ultra-rare products that resets what you thought possible from a component, in this case streaming. If you are already down the top-tier Linn rabbit hole then this is a ‘must include’ on your wish list. But even those with absolutely nothing from the Scottish brand should put this on their ‘must hear’ list, simply because it gives you an insight into what streaming is truly capable of. Let’s not mince words; this is the best streaming audio component I’ve ever reviewed.”
I think his closing statement says it all.
You can experience the new Klimax DSM at our showroom in Beaconsfield. Please contact Colin for more information or to book a demonstration:
Showroom: 01494 681300 or email:
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