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Linn LP12 Servicing

We are now several months into the Corona virus lockdown and with yesterday’s statement of relaxation of travel rules, it’s important to know what we can do for you at this time. We are not yet ready to carry out demonstrations of equipment but are still busy with LP12 servicing.
As you know I have been “self-isolating” since we moved here four years ago, and our business model is very well suited to the current situation. We are not a shop and see customers individually by appointment. and because we have our own large private gated car park we are servicing and upgrading LP12’s on a convenient, safe no contact basis.
Photo of carpark
It is important that a Sondek is serviced every 4-5 years. The result of skipping regular servicing gradually results in less musical involvement and excitement as well as increased surface noise, less dynamic range and musical drive. Skipping servicing long term can also result in your record collection being permanently damaged by a worn cartridge.
Our facility here in Beaconsfield is proving to be very well adapted to the need have an LP12 serviced safely with no risk.
By appointment you can deliver your LP12 to us, there will be a table at the gate end of our private car park for this purpose. We can have a conversation at distance outside before you leave. The deck is then brought indoors and quarantined for several days before it goes on a bench for assessment in our dedicated workshop. After examination we can then discuss any requirements by phone and the deck will then be serviced.
We have never ever serviced LP12’s while someone waits or watches and never set up LP12’s in the home. Over the years every LP12 done that way elsewhere we have subsequently seen has been third rate with serious set up errors no matter who has done the work.
It is very convenient for the owner and there is a substantial financial incentive to a Linn dealer, but we won’t do it as we want our customer to receive an LP12 which is absolutely first rate. If time has run out or I don’t have a couple of parts so it will have to do isn’t acceptable. The time pressure and distractions that can occur during those methods are all too easy to see and hear, and some LP12’s arrive here later after the penny has eventually dropped with the owner. Our workshop is facilitated to do this task without compromise and your LP12 can spend two days on the bench or more if needed to trim the arm lead and optimise the suspension as it settles. Once serviced, and if required upgraded, the deck is then tested and auditioned in the main demonstration room before being quarantined again before you collect.
The relaxation of government travel rules now allows a visit whereas before this could only be done if doing food shopping and petrol.
Please also note that we are now supplying some products like Naim Audio direct delivery from the factory to your home and the new Karousel bearing is in stock for those considering during service.
Please contact Colin if you wish to discuss your LP12 or anything else:
01494 681300 or email 
11:00 am – 5:00 pm Tues-Sat.

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