By wysahAdmin March 05, 2020
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We’re extremely excited to announce Linn’s new precision-engineered single-point bearing for the Sondek LP12, the Karousel. Offering smoother rotation and greater stability for even more immaculate sound.
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A little history

Back in 1973, this unique single-point bearing, combined with the acoustic isolation of the turntable, were the foundations on which Linn was established; with the bearing design even providing inspiration for the Linn logo.
Testament to its ground-breaking design, the basic principles of the bearing have remained the same and Karousel is only the third evolution of this design in almost 50 years.


This innovative new take on their original bearing design has been made possible by technological developments in material science, machining capabilities and mechanical engineering expertise gained from almost half a century of designing and manufacturing the world’s best turntable. That vital union between the platter, spindle, bearing and sub-chassis is now the strongest they’ve ever achieved.
A new diamond-like carbon coating inside the bearing reduces friction between the tip of the spindle and the base of the bearing itself. This reduces the ‘noise floor’ of the turntable, so improves musical reproduction.
The substantial locknut fastening on the stainless-steel housing increases rigidity at the critical point where bearing and sub-chassis come together. Enhancements to the base of the bearing include a stronger housing for the thrust pad, combined with a smaller, stiffer coated form, to improve the critical area that supports the platter rotation and mass, meaning your vinyl reproduction is more accurate and detailed than ever before.
Call Colin Macey, our showroom Manager, on 01494681300 or email to find out more about the Karousel, the LP12 and everything Linn.
We have a lot of exciting news coming this month, so stay tuned!
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