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What Hi-Fi? reviews the Linn Klimax LP12

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What Hi-Fi? recently reviewed the Linn Klimax LP12 and Colin Macey, our hi-fi guru, went to set it up for the review demonstration.
We were very happy to be asked by Linn to set up and deliver the Klimax LP12 for the What Hi-Fi? review, as it’s critical the Sondek is built and tuned to the highest possible standard. Colin’s vast experience is the reason we supply LP12s to industry professionals including current and past employees of both Linn and Naim, as well as ex-Linn and Naim retailers.
His focus on the importance of being able to hear and understand music on vinyl that’s engaging and compelling is why Colin’s consistent fussiness and attention to detail reaps such high rewards for our clients. We are grateful for their custom and they trust our integrity, and so anything that disrupts the LP12’s true musical ability isn’t endorsed no matter how profitable and fashionable.
Linn trusted us to deliver a “true” Linn Klimax LP12 to What Hi-Fi? to demonstrate their, and our objective in hearing exciting, tuneful and understandable music, and we are very pleased they appreciated it’s ability.
You can read the review here:
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