By wysahAdmin March 13, 2017
new klimax music system

The brand new Klimax Exakt 350 loudspeaker

This is a “WOW” moment for us, as we’ve enjoyed this prestigious loudspeaker for many years and a considerable number of people who value our services have invested in this elegant and powerful product.

Linn launched the new Klimax DS3 and Klimax DSM2 products 5 months ago, and many clients have upgraded to this new DAC architecture which offers remarkable musical performance. We have never heard any digital system offering the level of naturalness, involvement and clarity Katalyst brings.

The exciting wait for many including ourselves is finally over, as this technology has now been applied to the 350 loud speaker. It’s utterly beguiling, offering a new insight into anything played including Blu-ray, DVD, YouTube as well as DS streaming and the LP12 turntable.

WYSAH - Main Demonstration Room

For existing 350 owners, there are many upgrades available for you to take advantage of and when you hear these new loudspeakers you will know with certainty that this is a new level of musical performance and sonic transparency.

Please contact Colin at the showroom for more information or to book a demonstration.

Kind regards,

Wysah team


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