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Getting back to normal

We are pleased to say, things are slowly getting back to normal here at WYSAH.
Demonstrations can now be arranged in our large, airy double aspect dem room. Windows will remain open during business hours and all precautions will be taken to adhere to government guidelines.
You can, by appointment, walk straight into the showroom from your car and be seated comfortably, and in assurance that the 2m distance can be adhered to easily.  The exclusivity of your appointment guarantees that the only other sound, besides the music, will be the birds singing in the trees outside.
Please contact Colin if you have any questions:
Showroom: 01494 681300 or email:
The Karousel LP12 bearing promotion has been very popular. Due to COVID-19, Linn retailers with high street shops have only just reopened. The promotion, which officially finished a few weeks ago, has been extended. This extension is until June 30th so there is still a short time left to take up the offer.
Note we can now carry out Colin’s Karousel demonstration.
We have been inundated with very positive feedback from customers whose LP12’s we have fitted with Karousel, and some have for the first time put pen to paper:
“First record at random, Van Morrison Down The Road. Started to walk away, just had to turn around. The sound of the harmonica with the breaths between the notes, as for the saxophone. What! Talk about what a sax really is. Next Beethoven 9 followed by 6. “BRILLIANT”. It just gets better, Emelda May, Freya Ridding. STOP got to get some work done. Thank you, Colin. Great job. Worth every penny”
Pat, Herts.
“Courtney Pine, Journey to the Urge Within-Children of the Ghetto. Courtney Pine’s tenor sax is much richer and fuller, Susayne Greene’s vocals hit the high notes with perfect resonation, and the duet between the two is sublime with the sax almost sounding human.
Puss N Boots, No Fools No Fun. – Tarnished Angel, live. Sasha Dobson is the main vocal, being joined by Norah Jones at times. But now Norah’s vocals, instead of being indistinct and being swamped by Sasha’s deeper voice, are clearly distinct and add to the melody.
The Police, Synchronicity, Every Breath You Take. The percussion is much tighter and stronger. The clarity is superb, and Sting’s voice rises out above the heavy sounds of the guitars and drums. Colin, both our sons have LP12’s and have heard my own deck with the Karousel. Put us down for two more please!”
Tony, Surrey.
“The upgrade is amazing. It really grabs attention, and I have never heard Frank Zappa’s “One size Fits All”, sound so easy to understand. The musicianship from that first record is at a new level and the second Sinatra LP was also a surprise. We have never heard him sing so well. I cannot believe the progress Linn have made in extracting information from vinyl in the past few decades.”
Mick. BBC R4. London.
“Collected my deck today. Wow! I can hear more of everything except vinyl roar. Span several of my “test” records and can hear more instruments played with greater precision. A couple of records in the collection always sounded a bit lacklustre as if a good tune was trying to get out. They have now sprung to life.”
Ian, Berks.
“Deck sounding great. Very pleased. Noticeable extra detail, quieter “quiet” bits and hearing a tighter, deeper bass and larger, clearer soundstage. Michael Garrison sounding superb right now”.
John. Surrey.
fluted plinths header
We are in possession of some fluted LP12 plinths. These were a batch specially made for the Lingo 4 and Urika 2 product launch and were an optional extra for those buying the new products. They were made for Linn from their normal supplier and are authentic but had very short availability. We took up the option ourselves and they have been in stock here since. We checked with Linn last week and was told that although gloss colours are now available, the fluted wood were a special order and will never be repeated.
fluted plinths
They are available in solid Oak, Walnut and Cherry.
Please contact Colin if you have any questions:
Showroom: 01494 681300 or email:

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